Colleges and universities Enhance Campus Experience With Outdoor Movie Events

It is well-known that completing a college degree is almost essential in today’s economic environment. Although the traditional picture of college life is one of having fun, learning and making new friends; for many new college students it is difficult to adjust to college life and feel at home on campus. In fact, according to American College Testing (ACT), twenty-five percent of students leave before their second year, and many students end up completing their degrees at another university.

Universities are turning to special events like outdoor movie nights, welcome back events in the fall led wall 價錢, spring flings and other special events on campus to create a sense of community and help students feel more connected to the school and their fellow classmates.

A welcome event in the fall to greet new students and welcome back returning students is a great way for a college to start the year off right. New students are often nervous and looking forward to meeting new friends; and the first week of school is always busy and sometimes stressful. An outdoor movie event is the perfect way to get students together at the beginning of the year, enjoy the crisp fall weather and set the tone for the school year.

For winter events, or in case of inclement weather, an indoor cinematic experience can be easily set up. A gym or an auditorium can be quickly turned into a movie theatre with an inflatable movie screen. Inflatable movie screens can be set up and taken down all in one day; so the room will be available for normal use the next day.

Inflatable movie screens come in many sizes and can be set up anywhere; the quad, the parking lot or even an athletic field. An outdoor movie event is a fun way to get a great spring fling started. The latest blockbusters can even be shown before they are released on DVD. An outdoor movie event production company can guide your organization through the licensing process.

School clubs can also utilize an inflatable movie screen to promote a cause using a movie or documentary. The earth Day club might show a movie about the environment, a cultural club might show a film about a specific culture or event, or a political club might show a film or project election results onto a large inflatable screen.

Watching a movie as a group is a great way for college students to relax together and bond over common interests. Students who might not get the chance to socialize and make new friends in class might get that chance during a special event or movie night. Students who enjoy their college experience and make friends on campus are more likely to return to the school and, ultimately, complete their valuable degree there. Being the oldest kid on the block has its advantages. Ask Tom Wieser of Computer Generated Solutions, Inc (CGS). He believes that his company’s 25 years of experience in the industry uniquely positions it to play a leading role in the expanding field of virtual event planning. The majority of players in the virtual event field today tend to be singular in focus, mostly younger companies with a single mission. CGS, on the other hand, employs a multi-faceted model, utilizing multiple lines of business-consulting, call centers and e-learning modules-all of which make CGS a formidable player on the virtual event stage and one of the reasons they are bringing formerly reticent industries into the fold.

CGS offers, among other services, comprehensive professional networking including free-flow as well as moderated chat rooms dedicated to specific topics with screened and moderated questions. Also, users have the ability create their own profile and upload photos. Third, CGS offers profile matching in which individuals can check on others with similar interests during the course of an event. Wieser also stresses that some of the options offered by CGS are limited by the client’s technology which may not be able to support specific services.

Wieser is excited about the new frontiers opening up to virtual event planners. Industries that once shied away from the virtual environment such as health care and pharmaceuticals are beginning to embrace the new technology. This creates limitless opportunities for a company with the experience and resources of CGS. Wieser believes that virtual event production is primarily a service industry, not a self-service or subscription industry, and this has caused some problems in the past. The tendency for some, specifically some publishers, to squeeze providers with pricing led to too much emphasis on self-service when greater hands-on involvement was required.